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2014 Australia Day Swim Results Print E-mail


Congratulations to all swimmers in the Stonehenge Swims.

For all race results go to  http://my2.raceresult.com/details/index.php?eventid=24367&lang=en

or click on our Australia Day swim page in the Main Menu at left.






Congratulations - An Engagement Print E-mail

Congrats to our Vice President Scott Ivey and Sophie Rayner on their engagement. After plenty of hints Scott finally did the right thing. We wish them a happy life together. Standby for a wedding date.


Masters Aggregate Prize - Inaugral Event



FEMALE  46+   Anne Rossi

MALE 46+   Mark Stone

Other age groups didn't meet the series criteria ie; compete in all 3 races 

Swimmers who Swim in all 3 races viz. Williamstown Australia Day Swim, Big Bay Swim and Melbourne Swim Classic gain the most aggregate points  have the chance to win an addition prize.


You must swim in the following three events:

Williamstown S&LSC Australia Day Swim  26th January 2014- 1 and/or 2 Km  (only one swim result - best ranking - will count)
Big Bay Swim 23rd Feb 2014 - 3.2 Km ( best ranking )
Melbourne Swim Classic   1st March 2014 - 2.5Km swim  ( best ranking )

Abide by each event rules.

Entry - No entry is required other than enter compete in the three events.

Entry name - Please use the same name and address and contact details for each event. If you change your details it is your responsibility to notify us of any change on the day of the swim, by contacting the administration desk.

Prizes winner will be announced at the end of the days proceedings at the Melbourne Swim Classic.

Judges decision is final. Aggregate Results will be posted the following day on each of the 3 swim web sites.

Lowest aggregate points total is the winner see example below.


Event Categories & Prizes

Male 35-45 (age on Australia Day) $250
Male 46+ ( ditto ) $250
Female 35-45 (ditto) $250
Female 46+ (ditto) $250

Calculation of aggregate points
In each swim , first in their age category gets 1 point, 2nd gets 2 points, 3rd gets 3 points and so on

For example
Result  are calculated as follows:
-                     -Tom         -Dick           -Harry
ADS           4th -4p      3rd -3p       9th   -9p
BBS           1st  -1p      5th -5p       10th -10p
MSC          8th  -8p      6th -6p       1st   -1p

TOTALS            13p            14p             20p              Lowest Points total is the winner

New Arrival Print E-mail


Congratulations to Will and Kirsten on the arrival of

Imogen Victoria Boyd at 3.05.p.m. on 30th December 2013.

A little sister for Benjamin.

To Club Members Print E-mail

The pool is guaranteed to be open during January for swimming, weekdays from 2.30 pm - 6.00 pm when the temperature is above 25 degrees with club lifeguards, and on weekends from 1.00 pm - 6 pm with qualified club members on duty subject to patrol captains instructions.

Opening hours after these times are manned voluntarily by suitably qualified BM club members.

Do you want to keep the pool open longer? Once the water quality has been checked by a pool attendant/lifeguard the pool must be supervised by a bronze medallion holder with an ART (advanced rescucitation techniques) award holder on standby.  If you are tired of having to leave the pool because there are no qualified members available, consider getting your bronze medallion. Next course is starting 11th January - see award training /course bookings section of this website or enroll by emailing the club.

The Fence

Special thanks to Michael Rourke for being the Master builder, also general hands, Doug Wright and Gerry Schalkwijk; hole diggers Chris B, Nick G, Jason M, Blake KS and anyone else who helped with our fence.

Special thanks to Greg Wilson and Grant Botica for organising the pump refurbishment and Casey who assisted with the mechanical know-how. Also Rhys for plumbing work on the kiosk and solar pump and Will Boyd for the chemical brew to set up the pool for swimming.

Club members, if you want to learn about managing pool water quality this is a good place to learn.  We are going to run a course on pool management in the next few weeks subject to interest. The upside is pool access. Please contact the club via email expressing interest, or contact Will Boyd  via  the ' Award Training' section in the main menu.

Please note the pool is for current club members. We welcome new members, refer to the membership page in the main menu.


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